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Welcome to Letters to the Universe! This is the place where there is 100% total permission to share letters from your heart that are, well, not going to get mailed/faxed/emailed or overnighted, as in not sent. Nada. Nix mail. Nyet postage. Sans USPS. This is a collective diary. No names. No games. No cameras. WORDS on a page/screen that finally get to be shared while recipients get, well, spared. Because this is the place that is about you having a place to park it. Not burn it. Share it not destroy it. Honor it not betray it. This barely scratches the surface, so grab a cup of coffee, matcha, filtered water, you name it, and take a look around…


This is the book Letters to the Universe. A book replete with shared experiences, “ah ha’s”, “you too?” “I thought I was the only one who…” and “That could have been me.” A community where we can dive deeply into our own and others’ experiences common to those of us who call ourselves human beings. A collection of tomes that are sacred writings of your heart and of your life that are real.


Dear “C” [sister], you and I have often seen the world differently and had different values. While we’ve never been really close we’ve always been at least on speaking terms…



We want your letters! You can anonymously share your letter right here, right now 🙂

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