For the Love of Dissonance

Closure.  We put a premium on this in our lives; society is pretty insistent that closure rules.  As if everything has to have an ending and everything has a start and a finish, that completion has to be, or else! I’m here to bring back the post from last time:  unfinished business. I’m here to rally for a sliver on the continuum of life that is the place where a modicum of cognitive dissonance (fancy word for unfinished business) actually keeps us in check.  Human dimension runs deep and to white wash it all and put a bow on every single aspect of our humanity sounds quite frankly stifling and more mechanistic than living. Consider these: Someone receives an anonymous pair of airline tickets to go to a good friend’s wedding which the person could not have afforded to do because they have been jobless for three months and it’s not really important to tell them who its from; you win an Emmy as the writer for a show where the main character is a deeply-loved English teacher who survived 9-11 in Tower 1 and the absolute inspiration for the character was one of your middle school English teachers who is not alive and you want to go back and tell her everything you admired about her; a stranger paid for your entire stay at a hotel on a trip where you had your wallet stolen and didn’t leave their name and you want to thank them; an ex-mother in law who absolutely had no love for you has no idea that their child in fact cheated on you and in your heart you aren’t going to pick up the phone nor send a letter, you just….let it hang.  A neighbor moves away and a few weeks later dies in a car accident and in their unpacked boxes was a note of appreciation they never got to read; a colleague at work is hauled away to be returned to their country of origin and you have no way of finding him to share with him what a great asset he was to your group. These are a random microcosm of situations and conversations that basically aren’t going to happen. It’s super important to me that you understand these are  different letters than the ones that “should” happen—and the “should” is super subjective and personal and not the point here at all.  That would be a different book and not of interest to me here. The point is that on this site, in this book and on all the stages,  I want to hear these unfinished stories from your life and I want them in a form of the letter that will never be sent to your person(s). Send your unfinished business here so that it has one more, or perhaps the only one place where it is safe,  honored and lifted up.  When you write your letters, you get to “be with” that unfinished business and it’s not about right or wrong. It is about releasing it  to that benign Universe (conveniently found at this address!!!) to serve your soul and offer you a deep draught of your humanity.


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    • Jennifer November 4, 2018 at 12:31 am - Reply

      Thank you for this input! The reason that it is not updated often is that I have not officially launched it! Once I do, I expect to be on a regular blogging schedule! Cheers! J

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